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XRC 2001 Controller


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The XRC 2001 controller features factory-proven, advanced 32-bit RISC distributed architecture and digital servo drives. The RISC processor delivers higher performance than Pentium-based controllers.


The XRC 2001’s safety circuitry features dual hardware architecture to meet the “control reliable” safety performance requirements of the ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999 standard.


An award-winning, lightweight, ergonomically designed programming pendant with a three-position safety switch simplifies programming. The pendant supports Windows®-like menus on a graphical 5.7-inch LED user interface with cross cursor keys. An RS-232C interface is provided for FC1/FC2/FDE communication.


The XRC 2001 features a patented method for programming and control of multiple robots (U.S. patent 5,889,924). It offers unmatched capability for control of up to four robots. The XRC 2001 features built-in collision avoidance, including a definition of the entire robot and its end-of-arm tool. Multiple robot control also minimizes cost and facilitates “jigless” processing – one robot conveys and positions parts for processing by up to three additional robots, all controlled by one XRC 2001 – providing the ultimate form of flexible automation. Motoman’s XRC 2001 robot controller, offers flexibility, high performance, open communication, and award-winning ergonomic design.



Features & Options :


  • 32-bit RISC architecture and digital servo drives
  • Patented multiple robot synchronous control
  • Compliant with R15.06-1999 ANSI/RIA standard
  • Manual brake release switch
  • INFORM II language with icon-driven interface
  • UL- and CSA-listed fusible disconnect switch, circuit breakers, circuit protectors, servo power conductors, and line filters