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Every robot system has its own compact, modular robot controller, which contains the CPU and the power electronics for controlling the robot.


Mitsubishi Electric's robot controllers have a particularly slim, compact design. For example, the footprint of the CR1 controller is barely as large as a DIN A4 sheet of paper. The individual controllers differ only in their dimensions and the power stage, the other features and functions are all identical. This makes life much easier for the user: No matter which Mitsubishi robot you use the programming language and options are always the same.




Standard functions of the robot controllers:


  • Easy-to-learn control instruction set
  • Axis, linear and 3D circular interpolation
  • Subroutines
  • Execute up to 32 programs simultaneously
  • Integrated math functions
  • Integrated palletising functions
  • Interrupt handling
  • Compliance Control function
  • Tracking (conveyor belt synchronisation)
  • Easy integration of all camera types



Product range



Controller type CR1 CR1D CR2D CR3D
Control mode PTP und CP
Processor 64 Bit RISC + DSP
Control functions Axial, linear and 3-D circular interpolation; palletising functions, interrupt control and multitasking
Max. programs 88 256
Max. position points 2.500 per program 13000 per program
Max. program lines 5.000 per program 26000 per program