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TAC Series


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Three-phase 500V and high-attenuation noise filters (1 Stage filter).

TAC-04~TAC-30:Push-down style terminal block prevents screw drop-out and cover loss.

TAC-50~TAC-300:Three phase rated voltage 500VAC (voltage range:528V max).



TAC Series : High-attenuation type(Three Phase)



Features :


  • High attenuation of common mode noise from 150kHz to 1MHz
  • Three Phase 500 VAC
  • TAC-04 to TAC-30 : - Quick and easy push-down terminal. Just connect the wires, push down and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. - DIN rail installation type(Option)
  • TAC-50 to TAC-300 : - Three phase rated voltage 500VAC (voltage range:528V max). - Selectable leakage current value


Safety agency approvals

  • UL1283
  • CSA C22.2 No.8 (C-UL)
  • DIN EN60939 VDE0565 Teil 3-1
  • ENEC




  • RoHS directive