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Solutions - MELSEC QS Safety PLC

Solutions - MELSEC QS Safety PLC

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Safeguard large systems while remaining cost effective. That’s the key promise of the QS Safety PLC. In the past, production lines were protected by “islands” of safety control; typically dedicated safety relay panels. While safe, this approach suffered from many of the same disadvantages that lead to replacement of conventional relay panels many years ago. A safety relay panel is expensive to build, difficult to change and slow to troubleshoot. The QS offers a modern approach to safety by combining a CC-Link Safety distributed I/O network with the flexibility of a modular controller. This offers the capacity to cover an entire production line, while bringing the benefits of reduced wiring, rapid diagnostics and easy program modification and maintenance. Of course, since this is a safety controller however, there is a full complement of safeguards against system failure and unauthorized access. A SIL 3, Category 4 certification completes the picture.


System diagram


Specifications :



QS Safety PLC
I/O capacity 6144 (max 1008 safety I/O)
Program memory capacity 14 kSteps
Basic instruction execution time 0,10µs
I/O Distributed I/O blocks on CC-Link Safety
I/O types available 3 types (8 dual in/4 dual out; 8 dual in; 4 dual out)
Diagnostic capabilities 3000 records for operation and error messages
Network connectivity CC-Link Safety, CC-Link IE, MELSECNET/H, Ethernet
Safety certifications IEC 61508 SIL 3, ISO13849-1 PL e (EN 954 Category 4)