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Solutions - System Q Safety Relay

Solutions - System Q Safety Relay

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The QS90SR2SP safety relay module allows safety I/O to be included in a conventional System Q controller, for when it is not cost effective to specify a dedicated safety controller. The module can be mounted in a conventional System Q rack, or alternatively can be used with a decentralised connection, or on a conventional CC-Link open network. Hence it provides a high degree of flexibility for system design. The QS90 meets all relevant safety certifications such as EN 954 Category 4 and ISO 13849-1/2006 PL e.



System configurations


  • Safety and conventional I/O on the same rack
  • Combine local and decentralized I/O on the same system without complexity
  • Add safety I/O to a standard CC-Link network along with non-safety devices




Specifications :



System Q Safety RelayExtension Module
CC-Link Type
(215801, P Type)
(215803, N type)
Q-Bus Type
(215799, P Type)
(215800, N Type)
(215804, P Type)
(215805, N Type)
Safety Standard EN 954-1 Category 4
Safety Input 1 pt (dual wiring)
Startup Input 1 point
Safety Output 1 point (dual/triple wiring)
Rated load current Category 4 3.6A/point
Up to Category 3
Response timeShutoff output <20ms
Startup output <50ms
Module power supply DC24V Supplied from a safety relay module
Output power supply DC24V Supplied from a safety relay module
Extended modules Up to 3 extended modules
Terminal type Spring clamp
Lifetime (Relay)Mechanical >5,000,000 times
Electrical >100,000 times
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 45 x 111 x 111 55.2 x 98 x 112 45 x 111 x 111