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TM Series

TM Series

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Introducing a new series of torque motors that let you adjust torque by changing the applied voltage.
The TM Series combines a newly developed, user-friendly power controller with a torque motor. With the TM Series, you can adjust torque easily with a simple system.
The TM Series is perfect for winding applications, push-motion mechanisms and other situations where torque must be adjusted over a wide range.



Easy Torque Adjustment / Selectable Torque Setting Method

Torque can be set using one of three methods according to the specific purpose of use. You can also change torque over two levels by switching between the internal potentiometer and external potentiometer / voltage.



Full Range of Functions

  • Two torque levels set by the internal potentiometer and external potentiometer / voltage
  • Alarm output function (detection of an open thermal protector)
  • Instantaneous bi-directional operations by CW / CCW signal switching
  • Switching of signal input logic between sink and source 



Torque Fine-Tuning Function

Each motor has a slight variation in its relationship between the set torque and the actual torque output by the motor.
The power controller adopted by the TM Series has a torque fine-tuning potentiometer (ADJUST potentiometer) for adjusting this variation.
This means that even in the case of multi-motor control such as one where multiple motor-operated machines are operated in parallel, the differences among the individual motors can be corrected with ease.




Extendable Distance between Motor and Power Controller Up to 20 m


The distance between the motor and power controller can be extended up to 20 m.
This feature is ideal in situations where the location where the motor is installed is away from the control panel.



Simple Wiring, DIN Rail Mountable

For easy wiring the design of power controller provides separate terminals for power supply and control signal.
It also can be mounted to the DIN rail directly.