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BHF Series

BHF Series

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The BHF Series consists of a high-power 200 W AC speed-control motor combined with a dedicated inverter. Each motor comes pre-assembled with a gearhead.
The combined inverter has been selected to match the motor specification, so superior speed control can be performed easily. The electromagnetic brake type is also available to provide a perfect unit for vertical drive applications.



Excellent speed stability

The combination of a dedicated inverter with a motor achieves excellent speed stability with a fluctuation of only ±3%. The control pack is already optimized for use with the motor, so detail adjustments are not required to achieve accurate speed control.



Smallest frame size among 200 W motors

The BHF Series achieves an output of 200 W the highest among Oriental Motor's standard AC motors, with the smallest frame size (104 mm square) in that class. This allows for a reduction in the size of your equipment.



Full-range functionality

The BHF Series offers a variety of functions such as alarm output, speed monitor output and individual acceleration/deceleration setting. The driver also has a built-in I/O power supply.



Automatic control of an electromagnetic brake

The Speed Control Motor and Control Pack Package with an electromagnetic brake allows automatic on/off control of the electromagnetic brake (power off activated type) on the control pack side. No longer will it be necessary to prepare a separate power supply or program a control sequence.

Wide Product Variations

Pre-assembled gearmotors are available in a right-angle shaft type equipped with a hypoid gear (hollow shaft, solid shaft) and a parallel shaft type. A wide range of gear ratios are available. An electromagnetic brake type is also available.