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BLF Series

BLF Series

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The BLF Series combines the attractive features of a brushless DC motor, such as compact size, high output, flat torque, excellent speed stability and energy-saving design, with exciting new enhancements that include a wider speed range and multi-speed operation. Using the digital operator, you can draw the maximum performance out of this feature-rich BLF Series with ease.



Multi-Speed Operation Using Up to Eight Speeds

The BLF Series lets you program multi-speed operations. Up to eight speeds can be set and registered, and selected freely using external signals.
Speeds can be set in units of 1 r/min on the digital operator and a different acceleration/deceleration time can be set for each speed, thus allowing creation of diverse profiles for various operation patterns of your equipment.



Speed Teaching Function

The speed teaching function allows you to set speeds by physically operating the motor. It's an easy way to set speeds regardless of the mechanism of your equipment.



Different Speed Display Modes

The BLF Series supports three speed display modes. Choose a mode that best suits your application.

  • Motor speed display [r/min]
  •  In this mode, the speed of the motor shaft or gear output shaft is displayed. 
  • Conveyor speed display [m-min]
  •  In this mode, the transfer speed of the work on a conveyor, etc., is displayed. 
  • Load factor display [%]
  •  In this mode, the actual load is displayed as a percentage of the rated load being 100%.*

*A maximum error of approx. 20% may generate when the motor is operated at the rated speed under the rated load.



Various Protection Functions

The BLF Series detects various motor and driver errors such as overload, overvoltage, low-voltage, missing phase, overspeed, overcurrent, EEPROM error, CPU error, operation error and external error. Upon detection of an error, the driver will immediately stop the motor and output an alarm signal.


Detachable Digital Operator

The digital operator, which serves as both a data setting unit and a display, can be detached from the driver and used at a location as far as 5m away using an optional remote-control kit. Use the digital operator as a handy operation unit or a display outside the distribution panel. (The digital operator conforms to IP65 when the remote-control kit is used.)