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AC High Voltage Power Supply Series: P I


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This high voltage power supply, employing the PWM inverter system, can select AC high voltage output waveforms optionally from sinusoidal wave to rectangular wave and the efficiency is high.

Industrial Properties : 10 Patent (pending)



Features :


  • Using an originally developed custom IC
  • Small size and high efficiency (the volume is reduced to 60 % compared with our conventional model)
  • Outputs shall be obtained optionally in rectangular waveform, sinusoidal waveform or trapezoidal waveform.
  • Frequency range from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Safely against abnormal load such as arcing and output short circuit available
  • Shift bias can be applied



Ratings (Typical Spec.)





Design Engineering Notes

  • Keep a space over 2.0 mm from the case surface of the high voltage block (to prevent corona)
  • Ventilation is necessary when putting in the case
  • This power supplies are for DC input only
  • Never touch the high voltage output during operation