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Dust-Resistant AC Induction Motors

Dust-Resistant AC Induction Motors

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Watertight, Dust-Resistant AC Induction Motors


The FPW Series are geared motors which conform to the IEC standard IP67 (Recognized by UL). They are ideal for applications where they are splashed with water. These watertight motors are available in 25 W (1/30 HP), 40 W (1/19 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP) and 90 W (1/8 HP) models.

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Watertight and Dust-Resistant Performance IP67

The FPW Series motors are watertight, dust-resistant geared induction motors which conform to the IEC standard IP67. They can be used where they are splashed with water.

*Not available for use under high pressure jets of water or immersion in water.


IP67: the letters, "IP" stand for "Ingress Protection" and are followed by two numerical digits which indicate degrees of protection and solid objects and moisture. Specified with IEC 60529 and IEC 60034-5.
FPW Series IP67 protection are UL recognized (UL File No. E166348).



Superb Anti-Corrosion Properties

High corrosion resistance is achieved through special anti-corrosive coating and re-examination of shaft material [stainless steel (SUS303 type)].
Conform to Safety Standards

The FPW is recognized by UL/CSA standards and conforms to EN standards. CE marking is used in accordance with the low voltage directive. Models certified under the China Cumpulsory Certification (CCC) system are also available.


Available Power Supplies

The FPW Series is available with Single-Phase 110-115 VAC, Single-Phase 220-230 VAC or Three-Phase 200-230 VAC power supplies.



RoHS-Compliant Models Available

The FPW Series features models that conform to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium.

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive:
Directive on restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2002/95/EC).
The RoHS Directive prohibits the use of six chemical substances in electrical and electronic products sold in the EU member states. The six controlled substances are: lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and two specific brominated flame-retardants (PBB and PBDE).