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MINAS A4 series


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MINAS A4 series


Speed response frequency 1kHz

  • Output : 50W to 7.5kW
  • Motor type : Super low inertia, Low inertia, Middle inertia, High inertia
  • Position, speed, torque and full-closed control
  • Easy-to-use servo gain-tuning with "Real-time auto tuning"
  • Less vibration with "Vibration suppression filter"
  • Position command pulse 2Mpps
  • Global standard (CE/UL) rated, IP65 rated


Feature :

Advanced Gain Tuning
• Further Evolution in Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning.

Agile and Intelligent
• Improved Damping Control handles all types of machines, from low to high stiffness machines with simple but solid operation.

• Position Control, Velocity Control and Torque Control in one Driver supports multiplicity of application.

Amazingly slim size

• Another Evolution in down-sizing, by 25% in size.
(compared to A-series)