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Features :

Point1. Compatibility with H series PLC utilizes valuable existing user programs

EH-150's CPU has two communication ports : Port 1 and Port 2.

Port 1 can be used as a dedicated port and can be switched to a general-purpose port. It also supports the modem control function (except for EH-CPU104A).

Port 2 can be used as a dedicated port for programming devices. When a general-purpose port is designated, the TRNS command can be used, making operation easier and improving connectivity.

The interface can be selected from RS-232C, RS-422, and RS-485 for port 1 general-purpose port and the port1 dedicated port (EH-CPU316A, EH-CPU516, EH-CPU548).



Multi-link connection of display

(EH-CPU316, EH-CPU516, EH-CPU548) Port 1 can be switched among RS-232C, RS-422, and RS-485. Task code communication with a station number by HI-PROTOCOL can be supported using RS-422.





When Port 1 is used as a dedicated port





When Port 1 is used as a general-purpose port





Point2. A memory board that can read and write programs can be loaded in the CPU.(EH-CPU316A, EH-CPU516, EH-CPU548)

Transferring and comparing programs can be done without a programming device. The CPU can be operated with the program on the memory board.

A memory board that can store data (384k words) in addition to the program is also available (EH-MEMD). The memory board employs a battery-less Flash memory to make maintenance easier.





Sizes of programs that can be transferred to each CPU


CPU model Program transfer
Memory board
Memory board
Memory board
EH-CPU516 16 k steps
or less
o o o o o o
Over 16 k steps x
x - - x x
EH-CPU548 16 k steps
or less
o o o o o o
Over 16 k steps
48 k steps
or less
o -
o - o -


o : Executable
Not : Not executable because of error
- : This event does not occur



Point3. The compact and stylish EH-150 meets various automation requirements

As many as 704 I/O points can be configured on the EH-150, which is only 462.5 mm (W) × 100 mm (H) × 109 mm (D) in size.

The EH-150' s compact size helps reduce machine size and save installation space, and its bright color and sleek design adds aesthetic appeal to the entire system.

Point4. The modem connection capability incorporated as a standard feature allows for 38.4 kbps high-speed communication (EH-CPU316A, 516, 548)

Port 1 of EH-150' s CPU (except for EH-CPU104A) has a modem connection function that supports 38.4 kbps high-speed communication.

The control operation can be remotely monitored through the public telephone line.

The clock function also incorporated as a standard feature realizes real-time control without an additional module.

LADDER EDITOR for WindowsW Ver. 2.0 or after has the dial-up function. It is possible to connect to the public telephone line using the software.






Point5. The state-of-art technologies and functions realize high-speed processing of complicated control

  • The EH-150 contains a 32-bit RISC processor (Super H series made by Hitachi, Ltd.) that allows high-speed operations.
  • To protect valuable programs from being erased, the EH-150 has a Flash memory for storing user programs.
  • As many as 153 commands are available (EH-CPU516/548). Commands such as REFRESH assure quick response to high-speed operation of assembly machines.




Point6. Compatibility with H series PLC utilizes valuable existing user programs

  • The same programming software 'LADDER EDITOR' can be used.
  • LADDER EDITOR for Windows® provides easier programming and debugging with its comfortable operation environment.
  • Various types of displays and monitoring software compatible with the H series PLC can be used as peripheral equipment





Point7. The EH-150 is easy to maintain even after installed in a machine


  • Flash memory protects user programs even if the power fails.
  • Programs can be easily modified even while the CPU is running. This helps reduce the time required for a test run.
  • Easy installation by snapping on a DIN rail
  • Removable terminal block for easy set-up
  • The battery for data memory back-up can be replaced by opening the hinged front cover of the CPU.