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Inverter Mitsubishi | FR-B, B3 SERIES

Inverter Mitsubishi | FR-B, B3 SERIES

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Features :

  • Possible to use in explosion-proof area
  • This inverter for operating a pressure-proof explosion-proof motor is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Labor for explosion-proof, when used in combination with a Mitsubishi pressure-proof explosion-proof motor.

(Note) The inverter itself is required to be mounted in isolation from the explosive environment.

  • High torque operation
    • High torque at low speed is possible with operation by advanced magnetic flux vector control (FR-B3 constant torque series)
  • Low noise operation
    • Noises from the motor can be suppressed with low noise operation by the low noise type (FR-B3-N Series)



Configuration :

Reduced torque series (V/F control)

200V class FR-B-750 to 45K
400V class FR-B-750 to 55K


Constant torque series standard type (Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control)


200V class FR-B3-400 to 37K
400V class FR-B3-H400 to H37K


Constant torque series low noise type (Adavanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control, Low noise)


200V Class FR-B3-N400 to N37K
400V Class FR-B3-NH400 to NH37K


(Totally enclosed structure option is available)





  • Control method     :     {{FR-B}} V/F control, {{FR-B3}} Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Output frequency range     :     {{FR-B}} 0.5 to 120Hz (22K and below), 0.5 to 60Hz (30K and above){{FR-B3}} 0.2 to 400Hz
  • Torque boost     :     {{FR-B}} fixed, {{FR-B3}} none
  • Regenerative braking torque  : 200V         400 to 1500...150%

2200 to 7.5K...100%
11K and above...20%
400V         400 to 7.5K...100%
11K and above...20%

  • Frequency setting signal : 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC

0 to +/-10VDC, 4 to 20mADC

  • Setting : FR-DU04 (standard) and FR-PU04 (option)
  • Protective/alarm functions  : Overcurrent shutoff, regenerative overvoltage shutoff, electronic thermal relay function, stall prevention, etc.
  • Built-in options  : FR-A5AX (12-bit digital input)

FR-A5AY (digital output, auxillary analog output)
FR-A5AR (relay output)
FR-A5AP (orientation, PLG (note), pulse train input)
(note) PLG feedback is not included
FR-A5NR (computer link)
FR-A5NP (Profibus-DP)
FR-A5ND (DeviceNetTM)
FR-A5NC (CC-Link)
FR-A5NM (Modbus Plus)