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Inverter Fuji Electric | FRENIC 5000 G11S


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Dynamic torque-vector control system
performs high-speed calculation to determine
the required motor power for the load
status. Our key technology is optimal
control of voltage and current vectors for
maximum output torque.
• A high starting torque of 200% at 0.5Hz.*
* 180% for 30kW or larger models.
• Achieves smooth acceleration/
deceleration in the shortest time for the
load condition.
• Using a high-speed CPU quickly
responds to an abrupt load change,
detects the regenerated power to control
the deceleration time. This automatic
decerelation function greatly reduces the
inverter tripping.

• Feedback control with PG
Enables the inverter to execute “vector
control with PG” by adding an optional PG
feedback card to obtain higher performance.
• Speed control range : 1:1200
• Speed control accuracy : 0.02%
• Speed control response : 40Hz