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Motoman HP20D/HP20RD/HP20D-6 Multi-Application Robot


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Payload: 20 kg (HP20-6: 6 kg)




  • Fast, versatile six-axis HP20D, extended-reach HP20D-6 and shelf-mount HP20RD robots offer superior, high-speed performance in handling, machine tending, packaging, cutting and dispensing applications.
  • HP20D model: 20 kg (44.1 lb) payload; 1,717 mm (67.6") horizontal reach; 3,063 mm (120.6") vertical reach; ±0.06 mm (0.002") repeatability.
  • Extended-reach HP20D-6 version for applications requiring a larger work envelope: 6 kg (13.2 lb) payload; 1,915 mm (75.4") horizontal reach; 3,459 mm (136.2") vertical reach; ±0.06 mm (0.002") repeatability.
  • The shelf-mounted HP20RD is designed for injection molding and other similar applications: 20 kg (44.1 lb) payload; 2,017 mm (79.4") horizontal reach; 3,134 mm (123.4") vertical reach; ±0.06 mm (0.002") repeatability.
  • Powerful design with high moment of inertia ratings.
  • Slim base, waist and arm allow robot to be placed close to workpiece holding fixtures to improve part accessibility.
  • Fast axial speeds and acceleration reduce cycle times and increase production output.
  • Compact design and advanced collision avoidance features with multiple robot control allow up to eight robots (72 axes) to be used together to maximize productivity while minimizing overall floorspace requirements.
  • Floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted versions available for the HP20D and HP20D-6 models.
  • Advanced DX100 Controller