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Fast, Flexible and Powerful


The HP165 robot sets the standard for versatility in the large robot market. This high-speed robot provides superior performance in both machine and press tending and other heavy-payload applications.
The HP165 features a 165 kg (363.8 lb)
payload, a 3,372 mm (132.8") vertical reach, 2,651 mm (104.4") horizontal reach. Repeatability is ±0.2 mm (±0.008") – the highest in its class. The work envelope extends behind the body, allowing space for robot tool storage
or maintenance.
The HP165’s powerful design, together with Motoman’s patented multiple robot control capability, allows the robot to be used as a 6-axis part positioner to achieve unmatched automation flexibility.
The standard HP165 robot is floor-mounted, but a shelf-mounted version (HP165R) is available.


Advanced NX100 Controller


The NX100 high-performance controller features a Windows® CE programming pendant, fast processing, easy-to-use INFORM III programming language, and robust PC architecture.
The NX100 offers unmatched multiple
robot control capability (up to four robots) to minimize cost of integration and eliminate risk of robot collisions.
The NX100 includes four security levels of password protection (user, editor,
maintenance and supervisor) for up to 100
individual users. Password use restricts access to the production programs and the controller logs any changes.
The programming pendant features a color touch-screen display that can be configured as a custom HMI with buttons and status indicators.
Dual-channel safety features include enhanced E-Stop functionality, integrated speed monitoring, manual brake release switch, and compliance with both ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and Canadian safety standards.
The NX100 offers unmatched connectivity through standard Ethernet and other network options: DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus-DP and EtherNet/IP.