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Motoman DX1350D

Motoman DX1350D

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Payload: 35 kg


Fast, Rugged, and Powerful


  • Six-axis DX1350D robot is specifically designed to optimize performance in part finishing   applications like grinding and sanding.
  • Inherent stiffness and high payload capacity enable the DX1350D to carry the process tool   to the part or to manipulate the part for processing by a stationary tool.
  • High quality processing under difficult conditions. IP67-rated wrist can tolerate   temporary immersion; robot body is resistant to airborne particles and water.
  • 1,355-mm (53.3-inch) horizontal reach; can reach behind itself for easy tooling   changeover.
  • Fastest motion speed and highest wrist torque rating in its class.
  • The power and rigidity of the DX1350D, along with Motoman’s patented method of multiple   robot control, provides improved cycle time and increased productivity for material   removal applications
  • Can be wall- or ceiling-mounted; brakes on all axes.


DX100 Controller


  • Patented multiple robot control supports up to 8 robots/72 axes.
  • Windows® CE programming pendant with color touch screen and USB interface.
  • Faster processing speeds for smoother interpolation. Quicker I/O response. Accelerated   Ethernet communication.
  • Extensive I/O suite includes integral PLC and touch screen HMI, 2,048 I/O and graphical   ladder editor.
  • Supports all major fieldbus networks, including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP and many others.


  • Compliant to ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999 and   other relevant ISO and CSA safety standards. Optional Category 3 functional safety unit.