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Servo/Motion MR-MQ100

Servo/Motion MR-MQ100

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For most applications, a complete control platform of a PLC and motion controller will do the job. However, for smaller systems, this may not address competitive cost pressures. The MR-MQ100 allows a single axis to be completely controlled and synchronised to a separate encoder or virtual axis with no additional controller hardware. Hence applications such as rotary cutters, flying saws and labelling can be economically accomplished without exceeding a tight control budget.

Limit cost, not options


While the MR-MQ100 is an economical solution, this doesn’t mean lacking in features. A complete range of essential functions are available, including encoder and virtual axis synchronization, registration, point to point positioning and user defined cam profiles. In addition, the hardware complements these powerful software features with built-in I/O and SSCNET III motion networking capability as well as an Ethernet port.

Reduced wiring

The MR-MQ100 also helps keep system costs down with its use of SSCNET III, Mitsubishi's simple but rugged optical fiber motion network. A single fiber connection is all that's needed to provide full communication and control over all functions of the MR-J3B servo amplifier regardless of capacity.

Fast, easy system set-up

High performance is less valuable if it's hard to use. The MR-MQ100 avoids this with the intuitive MT Developer 2 software that replaces abstract programming with graphical models of the actual mechanical system. It's easy to create virtual clutches, gears and cam profiles by simple drag and drop selection.

Complete motion systems

The MR-J3-B ranges from 50 W to 55 kW and offers patented technology to improve system performance such as real time vibration suppression and auto tuning. Further design flexibility is offered by the option of rotary or linear motors.

  • Run any single axis application from a standalone, compact unit
  • Graphic based programming mimics actual mechanical system
  • Motor options from 50 W to 55 kW
  • High performance, noise free optical fibre amplifier connection