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Servo/Motion MELSEC System Q


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For specialist applications requiring the highest level of control and precision, the dynamic servo technology provided by the Q-Motion CPU is combined with the powerful processing power of the Q Series PLC CPU, creating a completely new generation of motion controller products.

This fully integrated and flexible system has the capability to control up to 96 axes using SSCNET, which is more than capable for handling any motion controller application.

Key features include:

  • Using multiple CPUs to distribute the load improves the overall performance of the whole system
  • Use of up to 3 motion CPUs within one system
  • Large scale control system for up to 96 axes per system
  • Interpolation of 4 axes simultaneously
  • Software cam control
  • Virtual and real master axes
  • Integration in the high-speed SSCNET network for communication with high-performance servo amplifiers at up to 5.6 Mbit/s