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MASTER-K Series K10S1

MASTER-K Series K10S1

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MASTER-K Series K10S1


Smallest block-type PLC

With the smallest size, K10S provides high-speed processing(3.2~7.6 ㎲/step), simple positioning function with built-in high speed counter and even RS-232C/RS-485 communication. Users can configure simple and cheap system with this product.



Features :

  • MK10S1:14 points (Input 8 /output 6)
  • Program capacity : 800 steps
  • Built-in high speed Counter: Max. 8kpps
  • Built-in RS-232C/RS-485 interface
  • Dimensions: 120W x 80H x 65D
  • Data back-up method: EEPROM



Specification :


Item Specifications
Control method Cyclic execution of stored program
I/O control method Scan synchronized batch processing method (Refresh method)
Program Mnemonic, Ladder
Number of instruction Basic 30
Application 154
Processing speed 3.2~7.6 ㎲/step
Program capacity 800 steps
Data memory I/O Relay(P) P000~P01F(32)
Auxiliary Relay(M) M000~M15F(256)
Keep Relay(K) K000~K07F(128)
Link Relay(L) L000~L07F(128)
Special Relay(F) F000~F15F(256)
Timer(T) 100ms T000~T031(32)
10ms T032~T047(16)
Counter(C) C000~C015(16)
Step Controller(S) S00.00~S15.99(16 x 100 step)
Data Register(D) D0000~D063(64 Words)
Timer (5 Types) ON Delay, OFF Delay, Accumulation, Monostable, Retriggerable Timer
Counter (4 Types) Up, Down, Up-Down, Ring counter
High Speed Counter Max. 8kpps
Serial interface RS-232C:9,600bps, RS-485:300~19,200bps, 32 stations, 500m



I/O specification :


Item Input Output
Power supply AC100~240V(Free)
I/O points 8 6
Rated voltage DC 24V AC 110~220V, DC24V
Rated current 7+2mA, -2mA 1A/point, 3A/com
Response time OFF-ON 5ms or less 10ms or less
ON-OFF 7ms or less 10ms or less
Common 8 points/com 2points/com
Type - Relay
Insulation method Photocoupler insulation
Operating LED



Wiring Diagram