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Ladder programming PLC XGK

Ladder programming PLC XGK

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XGT Series Ladder programming PLC XGK

XGT series is the next-generation solution with a new concept providing advanced engineering environment based on open network, fastest processing speed, compact size and user-friendly software.


Features :



XGT series is new-concept, new-generation industrial solution based on Open Network, High-speed processing, Compact size, Easy-to-use programming. XGT Series offers useful lineups and various network & special modules so that you can configure optimum system for your industrial purpose and system scale.


Features :

Speed Innovation...Fast

MPU (NGP 1000) developed by LSIS accomplishes the fastest CPU processing speed(0.028㎲ / step). And LSIS-dedicated bus controller and High-speed transmission algorithm achieve high performance of internal interface

Size Innovation ... Compact

The smallest size (dimensions 27×98×90) achieves cost-efficiency and various applications.

Network Innovation ... Flexible

System integration of Open Network: XGT series support various communication solutions ranging from field control to information level with Fast Ethernet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS and even MECHATROLINK-II.

Software Innovation ... Intelligent

XG5000 Software Package provides integrated engineering environment from basic programming to different special module setting as well as diagnosis. This package consists of XG5000 (Programming), XG-PD (Network) and XG-PM Software Package (Positioning).

Engineering & Programming Innovation ... Easy

XGT series expand device memory and support advanced programming environment with Index register (Z), File register (U), and Analog register (U).




Premium CPU for high-speed and large scale application


XGK-CPUU (Ultra capacity)

  • Program capacity: 128K steps
  • I/O points: 6,144
  • I/O device point: 32,768 (Remote I/O)
  • Processing speed: 28ns/step




XGK-CPUH (High performance)

  • Program capacity: 64K steps
  • I/O points: 6,144
  • I/O device point: 32,768 (Remote I/O)
  • Processing speed: 28ns/step




XGK-CPUA (Advanced)

  • Program capacity: 32Kbyte
  • I/O points: 3,072
  • I/O device point: 32,768 (Remote I/O)
  • Processing speed: 28ns/step





General sequence controller PLC CPU

XGK-CPUS (Standard)

  • Program capacity: 32Kbyte
  • I/O points: 3,072
  • I/O device point: 32,768 (Remote I/O)
  • Processing speed: 84ns/step




XGK-CPUE (Economic)

  • Program capacity: 16Kbyte
  • I/O points: 1,536
  • I/O device point: 32,768 (Remote I/O)
  • Processing speed: 84ns/step




Specifications :


Item Description
Operation method Cyclic execution of stored program, Time-driven interrupt, Process-driven Interrupt
I/O control method Batch processing by scan synchorization
(Refresh), Direct input/output
by instructions
Program language Ladder Diagram, Instruction list
No. of Instructions Basic 42
Application 600
Processing speed LD 0.084㎲/step 0.028㎲/step
MOV 0.252㎲/step 0.084㎲/step
Floating instruction ± : 0.602㎲(S), 1.078㎲(D)
X : 1.106㎲(S), 2.384㎲(D)
÷ : 1.134㎲(S), 2.66㎲(D)
Program capacity
16 32 32 64 128
I/O points (available to install) With 16
point I/O
384 768 768 1536 1536
With 32
point I/O
768 1536 1536 3072 3075
With 64
point I/O
1536 3072 3072 6144 6144
P P0000 ~ P2047F (32768 points)
M M0000 ~ M2047F (32768 points)
K K000 ~ K2047F (32768 points)
L L000 ~ L11263F (32768 points)
F F000 ~ F2047F (32768 points)
T 100ms: T0000 - T0999
10ms: T1000 - T1499
1ms: T1500 - T1999
0.1ms: T2000 - T2047
C C0000 ~ C2047
S S00.00 ~ S127.99
D D0000 ~ D19999 D0000 ~ D32767
U U.0.0~
Z 128
R 1 block 2 blocks
Flash area 2MB, 2 blocks
Program structure Total programs 256
Initialization 1 (_INT)
Time-driven 32
External 32
Internal 32
Operation mode RUN, STOP, DEBUG
Self diagnosis Execution, Delay, Memory error,
I/O error, Battery error Power error
Programming port RS-232C (1ch), USB (1ch)
Data retention at power failure Set "retain" at data declaration
Max. expansion stage 1 3 7
Current consumption(mA) 960
Weight (kg) 0.12