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PLC XGT Series Special Module

PLC XGT Series Special Module

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Special Module

For sensor switch, control of temperature, weight, flow, motor, actuator, and even highly precise positioning control, XGT series offer diverse special modules such as analog, HSC, and positioning to satisfy complicated industrial needs.


Analog input/output


Features :

  • Fast conversion processing
  • High resolution
  • Setting and monitoring the special module parameter through XG5000
  • Supporting 4 types of digital output data format (Unsigned value, Signed value, Precise value, Percentile value)

Product list

Analog input module

  • XGF-AV8A     8 channels, voltage input
  • XGF-AC8A     8 channels, current input
  • XGF-AD4S     4 channels, voltage/current input



Analog output module

  • XGF-DV4A     4 channels, voltage output
  • XGF-DV4S     4 channels, voltage output, insulation
  • XGF-DC4A     4 channels, current output
  • XGF-DC4S     4 channels, current output, insulation



HSC (High-Speed Counter) module

Features :

  • Parameter setting and monitoring using XG5000
  • Incremental encoder available
  • Supporting various pulse input (5V, 12V, 24V)
  • Various multiplication (1/2 phase pulse input)
  • External present input
  • Providing function to prevent from counting external signal
  • Supporting HTL-level incremental encoder in the line-drive input type

Product list

High-speed counter module

  • XGF-HO2A     2 channels, Open collector
  • XGF-HD2A     2 channels, Line driver






Features :

  • Highly reliable position control with LSIS ASIC-embedded processor
  • Enhanced control with fast control processing speed
  • High-speed motor control (Max. pulse output: 1Mbps)
  • Circular/linear interpolation, separate/synchronous operation
  • Trapezoidal & S-curve acceleration/deceleration
  • Easy and quick control through external input (JOG operation included)
  • Encoder input support
  • High-speed processing of command (4ms)
  • Easy to set positioning parameters (Windows)
  • Monitoring/Tracking/Simulation
  • Available to edit operation parameter data in EXCEL
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Real-time information and solution for each error

Product list

Positioning module


  • XGF-PO(1/2/3)A     1/2/3-axis, Open collector
  • XGF-PD(1/2/3)A     1/2/3-axis, Open collector


System configuration




Motion Control


  • Motion control module adopting Mechatrolink-II
    • Quick and precise motion control via high-speed network (Mechatrolink-II)
  • (Transmission speed: 10Mbps, Transmission period: 1ms/1.5ms/2ms)
  • Enhanced performance of motion synchronization
    • Perfect synchronization of Max. 16 axes
    • High-speed synchronous motion control by synchronizing execution period of application with transmission period of network
  • Efficient system
    • Wiring reduction with motion control system via network
    • Enhanced stability and efficiency of system through absolute-coordinate operation
  • Multi-function engineering tool -> M16M software package
    • Providing various functions from system design to maintenance
    • Automatic setting of communication & servo parameter by ‘Self Configuration’



System configuration






  • Max. number of station: 16
  • Transmission period: 1ms/1.5ms/2ms
  • Features: Simple and easy system
  • setup using‘ Self-Configuration’
  • S/W: M16M software package