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Inverter Omron | SYSDRIVE 3G3JX / 3G3RX

Inverter Omron | SYSDRIVE 3G3JX / 3G3RX

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3G3JX Simple, Compact Inverters

Easy-to-Use Compact Simplified Inverter for the Customer's Environment and Application Demands

  • Provides a wide ranging capacity from 0.2 to 3.7 kW in spite of the compact size

  • The main circuit adopts upper/lower wiring as with a conductor

  • Side-by-side mounting contributes to space saving

  • The PID function is featured for the easier control of the fan and pump

  • The three-phase models incorporate a zero-phase reactor (radio noise filter) as a standard specification

  • ModBus-RTU communication allows you to perform network operation at low cost.