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DA35 Autocan Extruder System

DA35 Autocan Extruder System

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he DA35 Autocan pump extrudes high viscosity material directly from a pre-filled can. Suitable for automatic and semi-automatic controlled dispensing applications which require a constant supply of air-free material.

DA35 features

• Material delivered air-free
• Simple load mechanism provides easy cleaning
• Teflon, Viton and PEEK seals for wetted parts
• No need to transfer material which avoids waste
• Attaches to valves and other automatic systems

Models and Accessories

DA35     Autocan Pump 110/220V
DA35-1Kg     Wiper Plate for 1Kg (1qt) can
DA35-3Kg     Wiper Plate for 3Kg (1 Gallon) can
DSP501N     Dispenser 110V
DSPE501N     Dispenser 220V CE
VC-1195A     4-way Valve Controller 110V
VCE-1195A     4-way Valve Controller 220V CE
790HPNM     High Pressure Valve
790HPSSNM     High Pressure S.S. Valve


Size base:     8.46 x 17.32 (215 x 440mm)
Height adjustment:     21.65 min - 28.35 max (550 min - 720mm max)
Weight:     28lbs (12.73kg)
Air input pressure:     243-700 kPa, 2.4 - 7.0 bar (35 - 100 psi)
Maximum output pressure:     6.0 Mpa, 60 bar (850 psi)
Fluid viscosity range:     10,000 - 600,000 cps
Volume per stroke:     5.0cc (0.17 oz.)
Recommended pump speed:     40cpm
Maximum recommended pump speed:     60cpm
Stroke length:     3/4 (19mm)
Max. operating temperature:     50ºC
Air inlet size:     1/4 npt (f)
Fluid outlet size:     1/4 npt (f)
Wetted parts:     304 and 17-4 pH Stainless Steel, Teflon, Viton, PEEK
Sound pressure level:     64.12 dB (A) @ 40cpm
Sound power level:     70.84 dB(A) @ 40cpm