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PP300 Clear View Pressure Chamber


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see-through pressure chamber for dispensing low viscosity liquids directly from bottles and up to 1lb jars. Regulated air pressure forces the liquid in the bottle up through a disposable tube to a connector, which can be interfaced to a valve or dispensing pen. The PP300-A is available in acrylic or glass for control of hazardous materials, such as solvents and cyanoacrylates.


• Ideal for low viscosity materials
• All material contact parts are disposable
• Material visible without having to open the chamber

PP300-A     Acrylic Pressure Chamber

PP300-GL-A     Glass Pressure Chamber for Cyanoacylates
710PTLF     Pinch Tube Valve
560605     Clamp
560606     Support Rod
DSP501N     Liquid Dispenser 110V
DSPE501N     Liquid Dispenser 220V CE
700PTPCW     Pinch Tube Pen

PP300-A specifications
Size:     6.00" x 6.00" x 11.00" (15.24 x 15.24 x 27.94cm)
ID:     3.60" (91.44mm)
Inside height:     8.70" (220.98mm)
Air input:     70 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)
Air output:     From regulator max 30 psi (2 bar)
Weight:     Acrylic 8.5 Ibs 3.86 kg Glass 9.25 Ibs 4.20kg
Disposables:     Lines and fittings are polyethylene

PP300-A parts (included)
560607     Dispense Tube 0.070"ID
560608*     Dispense Tube 0.100"ID
560609     Luer Lock Fitting 0.070"ID
560610*     Luer Lock Fitting 0.100"ID
560611     Gage 0-30 psi
560612     Knob Assembly
560612B     Bushing
560613     Clamp for Tube
560614     Reducer Nipple 1/4" 1/8" MPT
560615V     O-ring (Viton)
560616     Relief Valve
560618     Reservoir Glass (PP300-GL-A)
560619     Reservoir Acrylic (PP300-A)
560620     Dip Tube
560571     Regulator 0-25 psi
560792     Flat Seal
580108     Quick Connect 1/4" MPT