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IJ300 Metering & Mixing Machine

IJ300 Metering & Mixing Machine

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The highly accurate, technically advanced and versatile IJ300 metering, mixing and dispensing machine provides constant output dispensing from an affordable & compact bench-top unit.

Whether casting small scale intricate moldings using RIM technology or applying uninterrupted beads for structural bonding or gasket forming, the IJ300 offers a reliable solution to many dispensing requirements.

Metering Pumps:     Precision constant flow gear pumps.
Ratio Range:     Volumetric mix ratios from 1:1 to 100:1 can be accommodated.
Viscosity Acceptance:     Up to 8,000 cps.
Output:     Up to 2.0 liters per minute at 1:1 mix ratio and viscosity up to 2000 cps.
Cycle rate:     Up to 20 shots per minute.
Mixing:     Disposable Static or air driven Rotary static.
Reservoir Capacity:     7 liter stainless steel as standard.
Controls:     Dispense speed control via panel mounted dial.
Services:     Single phase 13 amp 240volt AC electric + compressed air.

Available Options

    • 14 or 20 liter reservoir sizes
    • Nitrogen blanket facility
    • Material agitation
    • Heated reservoirs
    • Level sensing to material reservoirs
    • Bulk feed or Bulk transfer of materials
    • Heated material hoses
    • RS601 rotary/static mixing head
    • Anti-gel purge timer
    • Machine mounted mixing head with foot pedal control
    • Programmable mix ratio setting via remote hand held programmer