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IJ30B Metering & Mixing Machine

IJ30B Metering & Mixing Machine

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Developed as a low cost metering, mixing and dispensing machine, the IJ30B has quickly established itself as the leading entry level model for dispensing precise and accurate doses of mixed product within a wide range of applications.

Suitable for processing the majority of two-part, low to medium viscosity materials, the IJ30B incorporates proven metering and mixing principles, providing a clean and cost efficient alternative to hand mixing.

The latest in disposable static mixing technology eliminates the requirement for solvent cleaning.

Metering Pumps:     Single acting positive displacement.
Ratio Range:     Fixed ratios available from 1:1 to 20:1.
Viscosity Acceptance:     Up to 500,000 cps
Shot size:     From 0.5ml to 65ml at a ratio of 1:1.
Cycle rate:     Up to 30 shots per minute.
Mixing:     Disposable static mixers.
Reservoir Capacity:     2.5 litre
Controls:     Air supply filter regulator and gauge, machine on/off, dispense pressure regulator and gauge, foot valve start and emergency stop.
Services:     Clean, dry compressed air @80psi and 3 cfm.

Available Options

    • 5 litre reservoir sizes
    • Stainless steel parts
    • Hand held mixer valve