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F7000NV - Series Vision System

F7000NV - Series Vision System

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The F7000NV is a vision system for the F7000N Series robots. It has touch screen display with simulation preview. The vision system is supplied complete including PC, ensuring all components are compatible, thereby eliminating any costly start-up issues and reducing the learning curve. The system is designed to provide automatic dispensing program offsets when the dispensing path of a component cannot be guaranteed.
Accepts CAD DXF and Excel formats for dispense paths. commonly two fiducial points are used to provide program offsets, however one is also possible. Optional LED's may be required depending on refractive surface.


    • Ideal for irregular dispensing route per component
    • High Resolution 0.001mm
    • Automatic offset of dispensing route
    • Precision operation
    • Increased production efficiency
    • Touch screen programming
    • Preview simulation of dispense route
    • Auto offset of coordinates after tip change
    • Edit programs directly - easy learn - fast response
    • CAD DXF and Excel accepted
    • Optional LED light accessories for light conditions

Models (complete systems)
F7300NV     3-Axis Robot 300x300 110/220V CE
F7400NV     3-Axis Robot 400x400 110/220V CE

Accessories (optional)
F7001NZ     4X zoom lens
DSP501N     Dispenser

Vision System Includes

    • Robot 3 axes - optional 300x300mm or 400x400mm
    • Touch screen PC
    • Software
    • Color camera
    • Camera control
    • Exlite Cognate in-sight white LED
    • CCD conversion ring (20.40.60mm)
    • CCD fixture, LSC light fixture, control system fixture
    • Frame capture dongle USB, extended line, LAN cable

F7000NV desktop robot specifications
XYZ Robot Working Area/ mm:     300/300/100 or 400/400/100
Vision Software:     Robot Vision
System Operation:     Touch Screen Computer (all in one)
Camera:     USB Color Camera
Interface Port:     LAN
Frame Grabber:     USB Dongle
Light System:     EXLITE Cognate In-Sight White LED
LENS:     4X (optional)
Teaching Method:     1. PC Software, 2. Screen Touch, 3. Teach Pendant
Software Function:     1. Program Edit, 2. Auto Vision Align, 3. Accept DXF Files