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Selecting a Hot Melt System

Selecting a Hot Melt System

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1 Selecting a Tank Controller for an Automated System
Tank controllers are most popular for medium-volume production. The recommended system is the HM14 followed by the higher volume HM34. The HM12 is not recommended for automated production due to its analog controls.

2 Selecting a Tank Controller for a Manual System
Select the appropriate tank capacity controller. All systems (HM12, HM14, HM34) are suitable for manual dispensing. Select a floor-stand option if required.

3 Selecting a Heavy-Duty Braided Heated Hose
Select a hose diameter suitable for viscosity and flow rate. The maximum hose length possible varies per system. A hose over 16ft (4.87m) requires a 220/230V unit. Hoses are PTFE - stainless steel braided. WARNING: Always allow extra length for corners, a minimum of 16" (406mm) dia. per bend.

4 Selecting an Applicator-Valve for a Manual System
Applicator-valves are available as all-electric and pneumatic options for fixed mounting or as hand-guns and vertical grip applicators. Nozzles are selected for beads, swirl and spray. Valves are operated by trigger or foot switch.

5 Selecting an Applicator-Valve for an Automated System
The applicator-valve set for a robot is usually a single head all-electric type and a nozzle for dispensing shots or beads. In box and carton manufacture, a multiple-outlet applicator-valve head is used for top and bottom sealing of folds. Swirl pattern nozzles and spray heads are employed to cover wider areas or coat surfaces.

6 Selecting a Timer or an I/O
An I/O interface is a simple electronic handshake box that enables an automated line or robot to communicate with a tank controller. Timers are attached to an auxiliary connector on the tank controller and used to control either 2-or 4-event cycles that may be required in conveyor-fed operations, for example box and carton manufacture.