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Manual Hand Guns


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Ergonomic and lightweight balanced dispensing guns with an integrated hanger for suspension hook up. A built in Thermistor sensor provides an accurate temperature control of the applicator. A separate trigger switch is provided for gear-pump and air activation for swirl/spray.

Hose swivels 360° for easy use and to avoid twisting the hose. A safety trigger lock secures the gun when not in use. 90° and 45° adapter nozzles are recommended where necessary to prevent stressing the heated hose.

HGBE115     Hand gun bottom entry 115V
HGBE220     Hand gun bottom entry 220V
HGTE115     Hand gun top entry 115V
HGTE220     Hand gun top entry 220V

HMA90     90° Adapter nozzle
HMA45     45° Adapter nozzle