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Event Timers


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For connection to a Hot Melt system to control dispensing events in continuous conveyor-fed processes, such as carton & box manufacture.

Event timers are available in 2-Event and 4-Event Non-Speed Compensated models with independently selectable channels. Output can be line voltage or 24VDC. Variable "stitch" mode pattern capability is selectable on either channel on the 4-Event model.

Separate high/low speed ranges to control delay and length of pattern. Can be used with proximity sensors, foot switch or a normally open switch.

HT2E       2-Event timer 115/220/230V
HT4E       4-Event timer 115/220/230V

Robot Controlled I/O Interface Unit

The I/O Interface units are used for controlling hot melt systems with a robot or conveyor system.

HM24110       Control unit 115V for robot 24V I/O
HM24220       Control unit 220V for robot 24V I/O
HM10044       Interface cable for 115/220V I/O box