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VMP30H Mini Poppet Valve

VMP30H Mini Poppet Valve

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The VMP30H is a multipurpose dispensing valve is designed for smaller bead and shot sizes than the VP300 dispensing valve, although the cycle rate is the same at 300 cycles a minute. Suitable for mid-high viscosity liquids such as silicone, RTV, epoxy, adhesives, grease, and fluids containing fillers.

The VMP30H can be used with the DSP501N Controller. For faster activation of the valve, the VC-1195A Valve Controller is recommended.


    • Suitable for dispensing adhesives, lubricants, RTV, silicone, and sealants
    • Engineered for bead laying and filled material applications
    • Stroke adjustment feature provides precise shot size control
    • Suck-Back feature eliminates post-dispense "dripping"

Models and Accessories

VMP30H     Mini Poppet Valve
DSP501N     Dispenser 110V
DSPE501N     Dispenser 220V CE
VC-1195A     Valve Controller 110V
VCE-1195A     Valve Controller 220V CE

Operating Air Pressure:     50-90 PSI
Material Delivery pressure:     Max 6.0kgf/cm2
Cycle Rate:     300cycles/min (full stroke)
Maximum Flow Rate:     1.2 Liters/min
Minimum Shot Size:     0.01cc (material dependant)
Valve Weight:     162g
Driving part materials:     Body: AL Hard Anodizing (Black)
Piston: SUS303
Piston Seal: NBR
Wetted part materials:     Chamber: SUS303
Diaphragm: UHMW-PE
Valve Seat: UHMW-PE
O-Ring (CAP): Viton
Connecting Ports:     Operating Air Inlet: M5xP0.8
Material inlet: BSPT1/8"
Material outlet: Luer Lock type